What Are Adaptogens? Dr. Moday Answers for Be Well Philly.


what are adaptogens

Our own Dr. Heather Moday weighed in on the question, “What Are Adaptogens?” in a recent article for Be Well Philly. Used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for ages, adaptogens are growing in mainstream popularity due to their ability to support and balance the body’s systems.

Added to smoothies, recipes, capsules or drinks, adaptogens can help balance hormones and adrenal dysfunction, fight stress, work against brain fog and provide other benefits. When consumed, they “adapt” to your body and work to target your unique needs.

“As Dr. Moday says, you can think of adaptogens like a thermostat,” the article states. “Rather than a medicine, like, say Bendryl, which will affect you based on the dose you take, adaptogens adapt (get it?) to fit the needs of your body and bring you into balance, targeting needs that range from hormonal to immunity-related, like a thermostat.”

Read on to learn more about adaptogens and their potential positive effects. Thanks for the feature, Be Well Philly!