Moday Center Client Testimonials

I have celiac…I also have/had many food intolerances, allergies, allergic reactions, asthma, rashes and hypothyroidism. I felt that I needed some help outside of traditional medicine. I looked into the Moday Center. It looked like a good place to embark upon this healing journey. The space was lovely and I liked that Dr. Moday’s background was in immunology too, since so many of my problems were autoimmune…With Dr. Moday’s guidance, I realized I needed to get rid of all dairy, potatoes and grains. The nutritional tests and the stool tests also helped me to make new and better dietary choices for my personal needs, as well as supplements. Dr. Moday lead me to the right tests and made sure that what I was doing was correct for my health. She went over everything and answered all of my questions… I feel better overall. My gut feels better. Sleep is better, no fatigue… an overall sense have healing has occurred. I feel more in control of my health and that I finally got some answers…Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful…Having the nutritional therapist in addition to Dr. Moday really put all of the pieces together.


I have been a migraine sufferer for almost 35 years. Over the years I have been able to manage them with medication, acupuncture, botox, physical therapy, and understanding my triggers. However, when I was medically forced into menopause because of an unexpected surgery, my migraines and hormones were out of control. I was unable to make any plans and didn’t leave my house for an entire summer. I had just started researching surgery as a last resort. Then a friend told me about Dr. Moday and team and my life changed! I am now able to make plans (and keep them), sit in the sun, have a drink, and just enjoy life!…They get to the root of what is causing the problem rather than just trying to treat a symptom.


I was always listening/reading the myriad of various health care options that were currently the TREND. Never really took any to heart. Felt, basically OK health wise but I was newly retired and was taking stock of myself and felt and saw changes that were not pleasant to acknowledge. Learned about Functional Medicine from a PBS program and through research learned about The Moday Center. Liked the introductory event and initial consultation that gaged our joint compatibility for the program. Slowly I was educated to what I was putting into my body. Became aware of subtle reactions and consequences of what I was eating. Testing put me on my own personal path to health. Actually quite shocked and disturbed by the results. But I’m fortunate not to have any major medical issues, just some unhealthy personal choices that can keep me from optimal health…I’m now so well informed and self aware that I get back on track because feeling well is so important to living the wonderful life I’ve been given… As I progressed, I and others noticed my skin glowing , hair and nails improved and the gradual weight loss. The best part was just the internal feeling of well being. It was hard work learning how to read labels, shop wisely and rethink meals of what constitutes what I thought of as traditional breakfast and dinner options…Do it for yourself and your loved ones. The feeling of Wellness is transforming and something important to share.


I have been 80% paleo/primal for 8 years but still struggle with IBSD and some eczema on the back of my hands…results from the various test including blood, stool, breath and the discussion I had with the Moday Center members helped rule out certain things while highlighting some deficiencies in my diet. This is the first time in my life I was able to discuss my health issues for more than 10 minutes. I had 6 full hour discussions…My eczema is gone and my IBSD is much better and I feel I have control over it now…If you are really serious about fixing a health issue and you are not getting help from your doctors, try talking to Dr. Moday. And if the only solution your doctor has to a problem is drugs, try talking to Dr. Moday.


I had my worst health year ever in 2019. My all-around health was headed in the wrong direction and I was seeing 6 different doctors for various ailments and I wanted to get to the root causes of my afflictions…I had a conversation with a friend in Cleveland that used a functional medicine physician and her health life was changing very positively daily after seeing a functional medicine professional. We didn’t have similar ailments but her experience was enough to convince me to try Dr. Moday…The most noticeable change I have experienced is knowledge about what is going on in my body with food, exercise, and mindfulness about my health. It is a journey, not a destination and I am learning more and more about my health and what lifestyle I need to be as healthy as possible…You will never regret it as Dr. Moday and her team are knowledgeable enthusiasts to repair and maintain your healthy body.

Dave J

I drastically changed my eating habits thanks to nutritional guidance. With “eating the rainbow,” eliminating certain groups to assess sensitivity, and introducing supplements for gut health, my debilitating digestive symptoms have literally disappeared…Can enjoy a meal without pain or inability to swallow. That’s just the beginning. I’m also less stressed, sleeping better etc…I do talk to friends and family and say “They literally changed my life.”


I came to The Moday Center because I was fatigued, foggy, had hormonal concerns, and digestive issues. I sought a healthcare team who would treat my care from head to toe, inside and out, to find solutions to the best heath possible for me as a unique individual. I wanted a partnership where I was listened to and empowered to take charge of my health…A pivotal moment in my journey was when I gave myself permission to listen to my body. Listen to when I’m tired, hungry, thirsty, or sad. Knowing that my body is speaking to me and if I ignore what it is saying I will continue to not feel healthy and energetic. Knowing that what may work for one person may not work for me…My fogginess and cognitive function have improved, my headaches are gone, and I have greater physical strength and endurance…It is a joy to “go to the Doctor” and have a conversation about my health and feel listened to, cared for, and educated all at once. No question or concern is too small to be addressed, knowing that the solution to the problem you are looking to solve may not be in the most obvious place.


I found myself under the care of 4 different doctors who were treating me for several different chronic Autoimmune issues. It seemed as though I would get one problem under control and then another one would flare up. I eventually came to the realization that the focus of these doctors was more on treating the symptoms I was experiencing; rather than attempting to address the cause. My desire to understand why I had the various Autoimmune problems and, more importantly, to have just one doctor who could help me resolve them is what brought me to the Moday Center…My initial meeting with Dr. Moday and her very clear explanation of how important the “gut” is in determining your overall health, gave me a much different focus on how I wanted to work to resolve my issues. She recommended some generalized testing which would provide an overall picture of my gut health. Based upon the results, Dr. Moday immediately recommended several supplements and modifications to my diet. While I really can’t point to a specific moment; what I can say is that after following her recommendations (religiously) within several months I saw dramatic improvements……all my previous symptom had disappeared, some of which I had been dealing with most of my life, I was sleeping great, overall felt much better and was happy. The realization that the “gut” is so key in one’s overall health and feeling of general well being is truly a pivotal moment…This realization mentioned in my previous comment, as well as my on-going focus on maintaining a “healthy-gut” for the rest of my life has been a very positive change for both myself and my husband. In addition, and equally important, I no longer need to take a variety of medications. Since I have experienced such improvement under her care, I have already recommended Dr. Moday to several friends. I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing any long term chronic issues/problems which they are managing with a variety of medications and doctors that they should adjust their focus to trying to understand the cause. Dr. Moday’s practice provides an excellent way to do this.


After recovering from mono, my body struggled to return to normal and I was struggling with low energy levels and gastrointestinal issues…At a certain point after healing my gut through antibiotics, supplements, food, and lifestyle changes, I noticed that I no longer felt awful on an everyday basis and had enough energy to last through the entire day. This was not over night, but after a couple of months, it suddenly dawned on me that I felt “normal”- which was a win!…understanding of my body and its triggers/strengths/weaknesses, and the confidence to know that I can navigate those triggers and weaknesses if I need to…This past year was life changing. Investing in this program pushed me to prioritize my health from the ground up. Yes, it was a sacrifice of money and time, but the results were worth it. This supportive team helped me to increase my knowledge about my body, apply natural nutritional and lifestyle remedies that I can use for the rest of my life, and finally face my weaknesses of burnout and stress management. I feel more in control of my body, and energized to take the next steps in my life. 


 I’m very grateful that I invested proactively in building a community of support and resources that I could call on when I got exposed in the most unexpected of ways and then sick…the insights you shared with me through my immune health assessment and through your Instagram posts helped me to feel empowered in the face of so many unknowns and isolation


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2011 and had been struggling with fatigue every day since despite seeing multiple healthcare providers, medication adjustments, and normal lab values. I have nothing but great things to say about Kayleigh and the staff at the Moday Center! From day one I knew I had found the healthcare provider that I had been searching for for quite some time. Kayleigh is incredibly knowledgeable and is so great at educating and explaining what may be going on, why it is happening, and what we can do to address those things that are working sub optimally.  If that weren’t enough, she is incredibly kind and thoughtful and truly cares about her patients. Kristie has also been so great with setting up appointments, labs, and all other needs! I’m grateful I found this group and the positive impact they’ve had on my life. I would definitely recommend the Moday Center to anyone and everyone!


I was living with severe constipation and it was dramatically reducing my quality of life. I think there were very real and noticeable physical changes–I didn’t have to lay down after each meal, my pants started to fit again, and I had the energy to be a normal 20-something year old. This sounds lame, but I think the consistency in the moments and in turn, the relief that it brought, really reinforced this idea that life can feel better and a hope that my future was a lot brighter than I anticipated it being. There is so much I want to do in this world and I thought my health would hold me back. The Moday Center not only inspired hope that it wouldn’t–lots of practitioners can do that–it followed through by listening and developing a plan that has ultimately changed my life. The Moday Center totally changed my life and sometimes the gratitude that I feel for this partnership–to this day (months later)–stops me dead in my tracks. Again, I have so much more energy. I haven’t kicked ass in my workouts this hard in some time. My clothes fit again; I feel like this body is my own again. I can stand up after meals. I’m happier, more grateful. I had tried a million different things to improve my condition and none of them worked. It was disheartening and drove me to a place where I was fairly apathetic about prioritizing my health. But now that The Moday Center has helped me to make progress, I am recommitted to my health and to going the extra mile to take care of me. It is just so important. I would say that the Moday Center changed my life and I would certainly recommend trusting the team with your care. As promised, they take an informed (scientific) approach to improving your health. Most importantly, they listen and are responsive–changing the plan as you provide feedback. I’d also tell them that patience is a crucial part of the process. While we all wish that lifelong issues would resolve overnight, that is unrealistic and this is a 6- or 12-month partnership for a reason.


 Over the last two and a half years, I have noticed that I was experiencing an intolerance to gluten.  I went to my family doctor and explained my situation.  My family doc basically thought I was crazy and making up my symptoms.  I begged for them to do blood work so that I could get my thyroid tested (my sister, who is two years older, has Hashimoto’s and has had thyroid cancer).  I did get them to do the full thyroid panel and found that my numbers were slightly elevated but still in the “normal range.”  I continued to eat a gluten free diet, but  I continued to have stomach pains.  What was weird was I would eat the same foods for a two week period, but by the second week I would have stomach pains and bowel issues.  After almost a year of pain, I finally called the Moday Center.  I needed answers and Kayleigh was absolutely fabulous.  She learned so much about my history and educated me on the test that would be best for my situation.  I truly am beyond thankful…She has worked so hard getting me the supplements I need and has worked tirelessly to create a healthy food plan to ensure I restore my gut.  Kayleigh is so knowledgable and is always there when I have a question…I have shared the good news about the Moday Center with many people especially when I hear their stories.  For some, I think the hard “pill” to swallow is the cost.  I was resistant for some time to contact the Moday Center because my health insurance doesn’t cover the expenses, but I am so thankful I did. Between the visits and the supplements, it does get expensive.  For me, I needed answers and the cost of the GI Map test, supplements, and virtual appointments was well worth it.  I went over a year and a half in pain and if I knew then what I know now, I would have called a long time ago.  I knew in my “gut” that something wasn’t right, and I should have trusted my instinct and contacted Moday awhile ago.  I am so much happier now thanks to Kayleigh.


I no longer am fearful of eating certain foods that would have previously triggered my SIBO; I know that it is managable and not a life-long, day-to-day impacting issue…I would 100% recommend the nutrition program with Kayleigh – she is patient, informative, dedicated and kind. If you think there is something abnormal with your gut, trust your gut! I had SIBO. Ask for support from the Moday Center – they will get to the bottom of your concerns, resolve your condition and teach you how to manage it long term. 


For 3 years I suspected I had thyroid/hormonal issues and was turned away by my doctors, saying I was just getting older and all the symptoms I was experiencing (fatigue, weight gain, anxiety and depression just to name a few) were normal…

After years of my doctors not taking me seriously I started googling my symptoms, even turning to Instagram to find the answers I was looking for. I started researching hormonal imbalances and the DUTCH test and realized I needed to find a functional doctor if I wanted to be taken seriously. I looked up functional doctors near me and found Dr. Moday, booked an appointment and never looked back…My energy levels have greatly improved, my raging PMS has calmed down, I don’t feel anxious or depressed anymore, my sleep is better, I’m just overall a completely different person for the better…Make an appointment immediately, it’s life changing. Dr. Moday and Kayleigh are so thorough in their approach to getting you back on track. They’re compassionate and patient and truly have your best interest in mind.

Lauren Keenan

I had diarrhea, off and on, for years. Finally, it was unremitting and I couldn’t even leave the house. I knew that GI issues can be difficult to treat. There are many possible causes for this problem. I turned to Dr. Monday’s office for help because she and Kayleigh McClory, Dietician, look for the cause of the problem and treat that, rather than treating the symptoms…Kayleigh took me through the steps needed…After working with Kayleigh for almost 6 months, my GI tract problems have abated. That seems almost miraculous to me. I had such an unremitting problem with diarrhea. Kayleigh is a joy to work with. She has a positive, up beat attitude, and she is very knowledgeable about GI issues. I have read on the internet about patients who go from MD to MD looking for help and not finding it. Kayleigh helped me by giving me tests to determine the cause of my problem and quickly after that she began to shape my treatment in a way that began to resolve the problem. I am extremely grateful…This is a crackerjack team. They are really smart, available between visits for help, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.


I was searching for a more holistic, natural, and nutritional treatment for long term digestive issues…About two months into my treatment for sibo and other related digestive issues, I noticed considerable reduction in symptoms like intestinal gas, belching, and constipation. My energy was off the charts, and I had lost 18 lbs from improved nutrition and adequate hydration. I felt better than I have in years!…I have endured joint pain for over twenty years from osteoarthritis. My joints feel better than they have in years!…I would recommend working with Kayleigh McClory, CNS! Kayleigh is clearly an expert in the field of nutrition, and shares her expertise to demonstrate how what we eat and how nutritional support affects every aspect of our health. She is friendly and kind; a great listener and communicator; attentive and responsive. What an outstanding professional! As an extremely active senior, I will use what I have learned working with Kayleigh for many years to come!


I was looking for a different approach to my medical issues.  Had been working with a number of doctors and specialists over the years but their only answer to my health concerns were prescription drugs.  I wanted to find the reason for my health condition. An eye opener for me were the results from the first round of testing. I was so surprised to learn of my food sensitivities and allergies. I was eating a healthy diet but all the wrong foods for my body…All staff members, (Dr. Moday, Kayleigh, and Kristie) are very professional, technically  sound and passionate about the health and well-being of their patients.   


Within a few weeks I had answers from thorough testing that began us on our journey to address my Autoimmune syndromes and symptoms. My GI issues have calmed down and my joint pain has lessened. The Center guides you through whatever issues you are having. They are available whenever you have questions. You feel heard.


I had been recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my left hand. The analysis provided by the GI Mapping and the Zoomer food sensitivity report, because it gave actually data to pin point the path forward to support my healing. Now I can actually put my body weight on my left hand, which previously I could not! I have two words to describe The Moday Center: Transformational Medicine.


I came to the Moday Center for chronic pain and allergies. Things started to click when I noticed my recovery time was shortening and I was sleeping through the night. I am bouncing back faster, and my energy levels are running circles around people when I feel better. I have a lot of different issues and I always wanted one name or cause of all of them. I found out that it is not one issue, but I am now able to work with each one and find ways to help all issues with vitamins and environment instead of steroids and antibiotics. I am now okay with the idea that my body has its own way of communicating and I am happy to have found someone who listens to it with me instead of blindly trying to fix each individual issue. Dr. Moday is working with the all the issues to help them communicate together. It has been helping in so many ways and is giving me a better attitude about it. The mind is a powerful thing. It is an amazing experience to get to the root of the cause. To see the results of so many tests and see how they all work together. It made the whole picture easier to take in and I was amazed to see the cause and effect of things.


I was having gastrointestinal issues and skin issues. After meeting with Dr Moday, Kayleigh and Karen, it became apparent that managing stress and committing to lifestyle change was going to be pivotal to my success. That was the moment I knew it was up to me to take charge of my own wellness. I have reduced my stress levels and am becoming more mindful in my daily life, but easily my most noticeable change is the the 20+ pounds I have lost. The Moday Center provides excellent care from amazingly kind, caring and dedicated individuals. The time that each team member gives to you and the support each provides has been wonderful and I would highly recommend anyone with chronic issues to give them a try.


I’m embarrassed to say I had been struggling with chronic constipation for over 12 years. I had discussed this problem with my primary care physicians and three gastroenterologists. None of them ever tried to figure out the causes of my problem. Instead, they focused on my symptoms. This made me feel like they didn’t understand how big of a problem this was for me, or care to figure out what was going on with my body. Several of them even noted that I didn’t appear to be bloated, I wasn’t overweight, and my blood work results were good. But my mind and gut were telling me that this was not only not normal but probably real harmful, especially after so many years. During this 12+ years, I suffered with way too many headaches, had sporadic sleep, and began to feel like my body was inflamed. So, even though the doctors didn’t “see” anything significantly wrong with me, I knew things weren’t right. Their recommendations were always a combination of prescription drugs, over-the-counter laxatives, and adding more fiber to my diet. NONE of these resolved my problem. I decided to look into functional medicine and found Dr.
Moday through my research – a true godsend! Dr. Moday did a comprehensive assessment of my health, which included extensive blood work, an expansive food sensitivity test, stool test, and breath test, all of which enabled her to identify causes for my problems. In turn, she and Kayleigh, the nutritionist, not only created a personalized treatment plan, but provided me with a wealth of information to help stop the constipation and to literally heal my body. They are so knowledgable and have taken the time to not only educate me but provide me with all the proper tools to get my health back on track. And equally important, they are ALWAYS just a message away, always available to answer questions and give support and
guidance. Today, without hesitation, I can tell you I do not suffer from constipation and it’s THE BEST feeling in the world! I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s not something that happened instantly; and I know I will always use the tools Dr. Moday and Kayleigh provided and refer back to my numerous notes from my many communications with them. Getting healthy and STAYING healthy is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. I no longer suffer from constipation, but I have fewer headaches, sleep better, don’t feel inflamed and bloated, and I’ve even lost weight to boot! It’s been truly life-changing for me and I owe it all to Dr. Moday and Kayleigh. I will be forever grateful.