Simple Paleo Pizza Crust (and bonus dessert pizza)


Pizza night is always a crowd favorite. I remember my mom hosting homemade pizza night when I was young and although the recipes I use today in my own kitchen are slightly different (mostly Paleo), the memories it makes are no different!

I am always on the search for a Paleo pizza crust that tastes like that of my youth and good news… I think I found it! I tried out this recipe by Empowered Sustenance and was so pleased with the result! There was only one problem – it was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture of the final product before it was almost all gone! Hey, I never promised I was a food blogger. Only a whole-foods dietitian that loves food!

The recipe uses a combination of grain-free flours and binders, mainly coconut flour and arrowroot starch. Feel free to keep it completely Paleo and leave off the cheese, or if you can tolerate dairy, add some raw, grass-fed cheese or whole-milk ricotta. The entire recipe is so quick and easy to make and best of all clean-up was a breeze.

We served this with a fresh garden salad and home-made fermented pickles (not pictured here). For dessert I stuck with the pizza theme and made this super simple no-bake blueberry chocolate “pizza” from Radiant Life. I think it was a crowd favorite…