Community Partners

We’ve compiled a food product guide to assist you in sourcing the highest quality ingredients for your cooking needs. Click on the categories below to see our recommendations.

REAP Wellness

REAP Wellness, helmed by holistic health coach Adjua Fisher and chef Zach Rice, believes in glowing from the inside out. Plain and simple, they are people who believe in the magic of real food, and their goal is to help others feel their best—no deprivation, diets or dread involved—through our plant-forward meal delivery service offered in Philadelphia.

Hungry Root

Healthy groceries with simple recipes. Each week, based on your preferences, Hungry Root sends groceries you love—and helps you cook them. Their mission: help you eat what makes you feel your very best. Plans for 1, 2, or 3+ people. Skip a week or cancel anytime.

The Wellness Refinery

Offering infrared sauna, tonics, and fresh juices, the Wellness Refinery was established as a space to welcome all ranging from those who are just curious about the evolving wellness industry to individuals who are experienced in all things health. 

Snap Kitchen

Healthy food for busy people. Snap Kitchen provides breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for anyone looking for convenient, healthy food choices. Shop by protein, dietary lifestyle, size, or just what sounds good. Grab one meal or stock up for the week and simply heat when hungry!

Bedtime Bulb

Great sleep: As simple as changing a light bulb. Too much blue and green light before bed disturb quality sleep. Use Bedtime Bulb in the evening in place of incandescent, halogen, and LED lighting.

Philly Runner

Connecting, inspiring, and strengthening the Philadelphia running and fitness community since 2004. Philadelphia Runner’s mission is health and movement. From the best brands and resources, to group runs and community events – they are Philly’s local hub for an urban, active lifestyle.

Farmer's Keep

Farmer’s Keep is a fast-casual restaurant with a focus on serving healthy, creative cuisine catering to all diets including Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, and Shellfish-Free. Farmer’s Keep also features a bottle shop stocked with over 200 carefully selected craft beers and bottled cocktails.

Philly Foodworks

Philly Foodworks makes buying, eating, and sharing fresh food as enjoyable as possible. By working with a diverse group of producers and distributors and an easy to use online farmers market, sourcing local foods has never been easier! By engaging with food more consciously, we can build a world that nurtures these connections.


Thrive Market is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to members at wholesale prices. 

Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest rescues imperfect produce, curate variety boxes and deliver to your door! Every delivery helps to eliminate at least ten pounds of food from going to waste along with all the resources (water, oil, GHGs) used to grow it.

Balance Chiropractic Health Center & Spa

Balance Health Center specializes in the applied integration of natural health therapies. Chiropractic Care, Therapeutic Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Herbal Care (teas & health products), Ayurveda ,Yoga, Spa, Skin Care and Waxing.

Juju Salon & Organics

Juju Salon & Organics started in 2005 as a small organic hair salon owned and operated by stylist Juliene Featherman. With a lifelong passion for holistic, sustainable living, Julie wanted to create a salon where the customer felt comfortable, healthy, and cared for. Juju salon & Organics became the first wholly organic salon in the Philadelphia area.

Butcher Box

Whether paleo loyalists, fitness junkies, or busy moms, people are always looking to save time without sacrificing quality. ButcherBox is the #1 source for grass-fed & grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage-breed pork, delivered via subscription on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 


SerenaFit is always creating something new for you to make it easier to workout, fun to eat well and exciting to improve daily habits. These live workouts are not only provide accountability, but also provides on-the-spot coaching and form correction from Serena herself, a NESTA Fitness & Nutrition Coach. 


Together with valued green coffee importers, Nook hopes to play a role in improving the lives of the people and communities that work hard to provide specialty-grade coffee. Nook offers a variety of baked goods are made on-site, from scratch, in small batches, using fresh & seasonal ingredients as well as a variety of house-made options for breakfast and lunch.