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(Atrantil – 90 caps)

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For all people, Atrantíl can provide daily digestive support and balance. But for millions that have bloating and abdominal discomfort alone or accompanied by constipation, diarrhea or both make life miserable. New research shows that the problems start with methane producing bacteria. Left untreated, these out-of-place bacteria feed off the foods you eat and create methane gas that leaves you bloated and uncomfortable. Atrantíl breaks the cycle naturally—and gets you and your digestion back on track.

Unlike probiotics that work in the colon, Atrantíl uses natural botanical extracts to remove unwanted methane from the gut in a 3-step process developed by board-certified gastroenterologist Kenneth Brown, MD. This helps to provide relief from uncomfortable bloating and abdominal discomfort while protecting your overall digestive health. Here’s how it works:

First, M. balsamea Willd extract (peppermint) calms the small bowel. This gives Atrantíl’s two other botanicals the right amount of time to work most effectively. Flavonoids from Quebracho extract (a South American hardwood tree) soak up hydrogen and create an unfriendly environment for the archaebacteria. They weaken the cell walls—setting the stage for Atrantíl’s third botanical. Saponin/flavonoid, a natural antibacterial from Conker Tree extract, reducing methane production. It binds to the reductase enzyme in the weakened archaebacteria—stopping methane production.


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